Death Rattle is a PivotMasterDX production.


A stick figure is walking on a panel of ice when he notices a hamburger in the distance. The stick figure tries to grab the hamburger but falls of the ice instead and to the tune of Death Rattle by Pantera, falls on another panel of ice which leads to a roller coaster-like line of ice which the stick figure is forced to ride. During the frenzy, the stick figure still attempts to grab the hamburger. He eventually does, but when he savours the moment, he slides into a wall embedded with ice thorns.


  • This is one of the DXProductions to have its name the same name has a song that it featured within it. The others are Bounce!, Wanta Fanta and Nico Nico Douga FTW (ゲッダン).
  • This is a version of this movie which actually shows the stick figure hit the ice thorns but the one which is currently on PMDX's channel doesn't show it.

References to other DXProductions

  • The stick figure encounters (at separate times) a bomb with a face and a can of Fanta, both from Stick Figures On Crack 2.
  • The stick figure slides past the original designs of the Fantanas from the original Wanta Fanta.