Stick Figures On Crack 3.14, usually shortened to SFOC 3.14 is a cancelled PivotMasterDX production.

Reason for Cancellation

The main idea for Stick Figures On Crack 3.14 was for PivotMasterDX and DeltaPivot (another YouTuber) to work together to make another SFOC movie. DeltaPivot never agreed to this, however, this was just PMDX’s plan. PMDX attempted to contact DeltaPivot on YouTube and pitch the idea but he never responded. After several weeks of no response, PMDX assumed DeltaPivot didn’t want to be part of the project and cancelled it. He later sent out a video informing his fans that the project was no longer under works because of DeltaPivot’s lack of interest. DeltaPivot then uploaded a video saying he didn’t want to make it because making it would’ve been a waste of time.


  • It is possible that Stick Figures On Crack 3.14 was meant to involve a pi because pi represents the number, 3.14.