The Stick Figures On Crack series, sometimes known as just SFOC, is a internet series created by PivotMasterDX. It’s some of his most popular work.


The Stick Figures On Crack series was created by Killer7347, who later helped make the first instalment with PivotMasterDX. After the first SFOC became wildly popular, PMDX went on to make the second and third instalments solo. PMDX had to make a remake of the first one after The PMDX Hacking Incident. Fans of the series begged PMDX to make another edition after SFOC 2 and 3 but he wasn’t keen. To tease them, he made SFOC Ep. 1/Pilot (April Fools’ Joke), a video that tricks viewers into thinking it's a real SFOC video.

Later, Storaged was made which was made up of skits not used in the previous SFOC videos. PMDX planned to make another SFOC video entitled Stick Figures On Crack 3.14, but he wanted to make it with DeltaPivot. Unfortuantely, DeltaPivot declined to help PMDX and the idea was scrapped and another tease video was made to make people think it was the real Stick Figures On Crack 3.14. PMDX has revealed that a Stick Figures On Crack Eps. 1 will be coming out soon.

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