Storaged is a PivotMasterDX production. It is basically scenes that were not used in the Stick Figures on Crack series. There are two versions of this video. The old one features the skits seen below and was flagged by YouTube because a song owned by Avex Productions is used in it. The new version is the same but without the skit which got the video flagged.


The order of the skits is different in the new version.

  • A cane appears and yanks a stick figure who lets out a Homer Simpson scream.
  • A stick figure, who is bouncing a basketball, bounces it too hard and it hits him in the face.
  • A stick figure plays a game of chess against Darth Vader. The stick figure wins and Darth Vader lets out a loud “nooooooooo!”
  • Three apples hit a stick figure in the head, who is sitting on a bench. The stick figure opens a umbrella, but a gigantic apple crushes him.
  • A stick figure stares at the screen holding a bowl of spaghetti. He screams, “this is PASTA!!!”
  • A stick figure is seen riding in a car with an overhead speech bubble which reads, “LOL, stick figures” (this skit isn’t used in the new version due to it getting the old version flagged).
  • A rolling pizza crushes a stick figure.
  • A stick figure dances to Chacarron Macarron.
  • A stick figure is seen at a computer with big lips. Letters underneath read, “LOL, wut”.
  • A gigantic soccer ball hits a stick figure guarding a goal.
  • A stick figure dances to Chacarron Macarron.
  • A stick figure kicks another off a cliff.
  • A stick figure is blown away by a small explosion.
  • A stick figure is seen dancing to a flashing background. Letters to the left read, “party hard”.
  • A chair with a smile on it is seen. When a stick figure sits on it, the smile turns to a frown.
  • A stick figure dances to Chacarron Macarron.
  • A flying taco hits a stick figure.
  • The fighting Pi is seen tormenting stick figures. It suddenly encounters its arch-enemy, the fighting hamburger. The two get into a fight and Pi wins by using its laser.
  • A stick figure is seen staring confused at a badly animated stick figure.
  • A stick figure is seen being editing in Pivot Animation. The stick figure is dropped and tackled by a flying hamburger.

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