The Pi/Hamburger Fights are a running gag in PivotMasterDX's videos.


The Pi/Hamburger Fights consist of The Fighting Pi and The Fighting Hamburger getting into a fight, usually for no reason.


Fight 1

Video: Complete and Total Randomness Entry

Winner: No-one

Description: This video mainly consisted of a fight between the two. The cause for this fight was unknown since the two are seen fighting from the beginning of the video. This fight had no winner because the Fighting Pi and Hamburger were crushed by a bigger hamburger while fighting.

Fight 2

Video: Storaged

Winner: Pi

Description: One of the skits in Storaged was a Pi/Hamburger fight. The Pi is seen abusing stick figures until the Hamburger appears and crushes a stick figure the Pi wanted to attack. This led to another fight between the two. The Pi won this fight by shooting the hamburger with its laser.